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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No News

I have not been posting in a while either here or at my other blog, madKnews.  Some kind of change must have happened and I was not able to upload any pictures and without pictures, a food blog is pretty bland.  Apparently whatever was broken is now fixed so I'll tell you about my lunch today.

We had chicken for supper last night.  The local grocery store has "cheep chicken Monday" where 8 pieces of fried or roast chicken is only $5.99.  We got half fried, half roasted and I made mashed potatoes, gravy & green beans to go with it.

I don't have a picture of the chicken but I do have a picture of this little gizmo, which I love, and in which I am reheating my leftover chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy.  It works great and if you hate the microwave (like me) or don't have access to one this is a fabulous alternative.

It's a little "crock pot" which reheats but does not cook food.  Pop the soup, stew, spaghetti or whatever in the pot, plug it in and in a couple hours it's hot and ready to eat.  I posted about it before here and I noticed it's available at for about $5 less than I paid which was still a bargain!

Quotable quotes;  in the category That's Exactly What I Meant!

"and what is the use of a book", thought Alive, "without pictures or conversations?"

Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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