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Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's been awhile.  I have been busy knitting, washing kitchen curtains (a process which takes a few weeks, apparently since they still have not been re-hung) and pursuing various other pursuits.

But I'm still eating.

I had been posting some quick & easy snack recipes suitable for "the big game" or virtually any other occasion over at my Facebook page.  They are all of the sort that involve buying an ingredient, putting it in a container with other ingredients and sticking it in the fridge for a few days to marinate before serving.  Or placing cheese in a baking dish and baking briefly before topping with slivered almonds toasted in butter & brandy.  Quick, easy and oh, so tasty.  I'll post some here later.

Today's recipe is for Salmon the way I usually prepare it.  Quick, easy, and oh, so tasty.  I don't like fish but we eat salmon often since the food police tell us we should.  I like it this way.

Slice a lemon or lime (or even a tangerine or orange) and place the slices in a skillet.  Season with a little salt & pepper and  any of your favorite herb or spice blends.  Lay the salmon fillets on the citrus slices, which helps prevent them sticking to the pan, and add water, broth, wine or a mixture of these to a depth of about an inch.  You can add chopped onion too if you wish.  Cover the pan, bring to a very low simmer and let poach about 10 - 15 minutes until done to your liking.

Meanwhile, prepare a quick sauce by stirring a spoonful of curry powder and some dill weed into a 1/2 cup of mayonnaise or sour cream (or a mixture of both).  Serve the poached salmon with the sauce and a side of green vegetables and pilaf or couscous.

I prepare couscous by sautéing onion in a butter, adding the couscous and sautéing until toasty.  For each cup of couscous add about 1 1/4 cups boiling water (and/or broth, wine or citrus juice).  Also, add a little grated zest from the lemons you used in the salmon recipe.  Cover and allow to stand about 5 minutes then fluff with a fork and serve, garnished with toasted chopped nuts and/or dried cranberries if desired.

If you prefer the oven method, spray a sheet of heavy duty foil with vegetable cooking spray and place the salmon in the center.  Squeeze a little lemon juice over and a bit of white wine, a dab of butter and your choice of seasonings.  Seal the packet and bake in a 400 oven about 20 minutes, open the foil pack and serve with sauce & sides.

Quotable quotes; in the category Yes I'd Love Some Salmon . . . And Anything Else . . .

"You ain't supposed to get salmon when they're swimming upstream to spawn.  But if you're hungry,  you do."  Loretta Lynn

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