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Monday, March 4, 2013

Long ago I posted about Spam and referenced Spam Musubi, a "snack food" similar to onigiri and popular in Hawaii.  I had purchased a can (read several cans) of Spam and even bought a musubi mold from our local Japanese import store and kept promising Mr. that I would make Spam Musubi.  Mr. loves Spam.  There was no reason he would not like Spam Musubi.  He liked it.

I made a small batch of Japanese rice and opened a half can of Spam (it was on sale at a great price - until we learned it was a can only half the size of the regular Spam - we bought it anyway).  I figured if we did not like it I would not have wasted a full can of Spam.

My musubi was largely based on the recipe found here.  As instructed I sauteed the Spam in a skillet until golden brown, then added a little soy sauce and Mirin (okay, not exactly as instrected since I had misplaced the "recipe" but it worked out great).  I simmered until the "sauce" had cooked into the Spam and carmelized a bit.

I moistened my mold and started assembling the musubi.  The first one got way too much rice in it, meaning the subsequent versions contained too little.  No matter.  The Spam was the important thing.

I sprinkled a bit of seasoning, wrapped it with nori and we feasted on musubi with forks as the rice kept crumbling and falling out.  Note to self:  make rice stickier next time and cut the nori wide enough to wrap the entire thing.

Oh yes, there will be a next time.

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