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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Even Easier!

A few weeks ago I posted a few of my favorite EASY recipes.  Well since then I found another one.  I believe in sharing so here it is.

 I had bought bananas.  For some reason I keep buying bananas when they are on sale, even though I really don't like to eat bananas.  Inevitably they get to the point where I no longer want to eat them at all.  I like them when they are bright yellow and maybe just getting one or two dark spots.  After that, well, no thank you.  But instead of throwing them away I stick them in the freezer.  Then when I want to make banana bread I thaw them and mash them and I am all set.

Mmm . . . No.
I have a fabulous recipe for banana bread.  Unfortunately, it is in a cookbook that I have misplaced.  No problem!  A box of banana bread mix in the pantry will do the trick (incidentally I have also added mashed banana to cake mixes to make a banana bread that is very good).

I read the instructions.  They are about the same as the Cranberry bread last time.  This time I had milk so I chose to make the muffins.  I thawed one of my frozen bananas (they were on sale a few weeks ago) and checked the box.  Whaddaya know - it says I can add mashed banana for additional flavor.  It also says I can add chopped nuts or chocolate chips. 

Chopped nuts would be a delicious addition and I love chopped nuts in banana bread or muffins.  But Mr. is not around and I hate chopping nuts so . . . guess what.  Chocolate Chips are also suggested.  I know I have a bag in the cupboard, right behind the package of wild rice and the jar of barley.  Personally, I cannot stand those frozen bananas that are dipped in melted chocolate.  But that's no reason to be close minded.  A little chocolate can be a beautiful thing.

Banana Chocolate Muffins:  Prepare banana bread or muffin mix according to package directions, adding a mashed banana and about a half cup of semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips.  Pour into prepared bread pan or paper lined muffin tins.  If you are daring, scatter a few more chocolate chips over the top and bake according to package directions.  My  mix said it would make a dozen muffins but I actually got fourteen!

Optional:  cool completely, then combine about 3/4 cup confectioner's sugar with a spoonful of milk or cream and stir until smooth.  If too thick add a few drops of milk or water.  If too thin add a bit more sugar.  Spread a little dollop onto each muffin or the loaf of bread.  Enjoy for breakfast, dessert or as a snack.

Quotable quotes; in the category Orange You Glad I Didn't Say . . .

"The adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech."
Clifton Paul Fadiman, American author, radio and television personality

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