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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Call It Pork!

I made a pretty tasty dish for supper last night.  You might call it Buta-don.  You might call it Rice Bowl.  You will call it good.

As usual I rounded up several recipes and took my cue from the ingredients that crossed over and what I had in the kitchen.  It came out pretty good.  I'm including links to a few of them.  This was my favorite and the one I based my recipe on.  Here is another that gave me more ideas.

And here is what I did.

I had a couple pork chops in the fridge - not sure what cut they were - they each had a bone in the center and were rather thin.  I sliced them into thinner, bite size pieces and marinated them in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sake and a little sugar.  Being me I also added a little red pepper flakes and a drop of sesame oil.

I also shredded some cabbage because I had some in the house and because I felt like eating some.  Just a few leaves are enough, sliced as thin as you can and then put in a dish of cold water in the fridge to get crisp.

I also thinly sliced an onion partly because I have to use them up and partly because I like them.  Now all I had to do was heat some oil in a non-stick skillet, toss in the onion and toss in the pork (including the bones which had plenty of meat on them).  I sizzled this over fairly high heat until the pork was just about done and the onions nice and golden, then poured in the marinade.  Once it boiled I simmered it until it reduced and thickened to a syrupy glaze.

Serve a portion of rice in a bowl with a portion of pork and onions over it and a bit of cabbage (drained) on the side.  Very tasty, quick and easy.

Quotable quotes; in the category Better Serve Everybody Else First, Just In Case!

"There is luck in the last helping."  Japanese Saying

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